Monday, December 5, 2011

And then we arrived at DISNEY!!

Day two, Sunday, began early, just as the light began showing at the RV camp in Pensacola. We drove out and made our way to Orlando, I think we arrived around 3pm, just in time to check in at the campsite in Fort Wilderness.
I really like these Disney campsites, we've done them so many times with John's family in the past.  Disney does everything so well - including their camping areas.  We found our site rather quickly and the guys got the RV set up in record time.  This model had a roll out roof for the table area, and Colleen even thought to bring some colored lights for us to string up on it.
Disney campers have a real tradition of decorating up their areas...I'm sure we looked like the odd-man-out there, since we only had one string of lights.  Unfortunately, right next to our site was a TOTALLY overdone, outlandish, crazy display that was truly BRIGHT! Colleen took a good picture of it, I only got this one on my iPhone, so its all I have.  It was amazing(ly crazy.)  They had a path that they invited people to come through to look at all of those blow up Christmas figures. Yes, they left them on all night. Yikes.
Jeff brought a bunch of fold out chairs and we set up our camp tables -- thankfully we were spending several nights right there, so it was good to have our legs on the ground.  KT had a grand time in the sand and picking up pine-cones all over the area, and pushing her folding chair around.
We rented a golf cart for our stay, and KT really loved being escorted around the park in it!  We took several sight-seeing trips around, and down to the Settlement Store (oh, yes, they sell everything from food items to bug spray to all of the Mickey souvenirs you could want!) KT loved getting on the golf cart.
Despite all the light, we had a great, relaxing evening.  Our niece from my side of the family, Molly came over to have dinner with us, as did our niece from John's side of the family, Adrienne.  We made burgers outside on the grill...delicious! Then we just relaxed and sat around chatting for the rest of the evening.  It was nice to catch up with both of these young ladies, they are both theater majors and it was interesting to find out what they do at their jobs.  Molly is a CP intern (college program) at Disney, and Adrienne has a job with the Shakespeare Theater Company in Orlando.  Interesting work for both of them.
(very bad iPhone picture - you can't even see Adrienne next to John)
We went off to bed at a decent time because the next day was The Magic Kingdom!!

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