Sunday, October 9, 2011

The tour is over!

We're here at the Westin in Waltham, Mass.  The tour ended this morning with a breakfast, although it was set up as a come-and-go to accommodate the various departing times for the travelers.  Several of our tour folks are flying out today, some are continuing from here by rental car.  We're staying one more night because we're flying home tomorrow.  

I'm looking forward to getting home - I hear from our fantastic local reporter, Colleen, that it's raining cats and dogs there!  Yeah!  I'm so happy to hear it... everyone we talked to on the tour had been hearing about how dry Texas was.  There were other couples here from Texas - two couples from Georgetown, and another lady from Midland who was traveling with some other women.  One of them said in their hometown they were already on stage 4 water restrictions because their town actually has to buy water from elsewhere and the delivery system was having some mechanical troubles.  It makes me grateful for our water well.
I'm taking this free time to catch up on my blog and downloading the many, many pictures from our trip.  John's over there watching football.  I'm also seeing a nap in my near future! ha!

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