Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 7 -- Cape Cod, Hyannis Port, and back to Boston

Good morning!  I wasn't able to post yesterday after all, but have posted it now.

Today we're leaving later in order to have some time at the beach.  I loved it and wished that we could stay here until the end of the tour, but no such luck. If we ever come back, here's where I want to go.
John and I got up and ate early so that we could have plenty of time down at the beach. Cape Cod is gorgeous.  The differences between Texas coastline and this one are like day and night.  First thing that you notice is that there are no fishy smells here.  The air is crisp and fresh and smells great.  The coast at the gulf is smelly (not in a bad way, but much more pungent.)  We've decided its the difference between an ocean coastline (Atlantic) and the much warmer gulf (Gulf of Mexico.)  Also the seaweed in the gulf smells so different then this seaweed here (hardly any there.)  

Then, off to see the Kennedy memorial on the island, and the Korean War memorial that adjoins it.  This was a nice stop, it gave us a good look at the cape.  Wild geese all over the place, along with their accompanying poop, unfortunately.  I don't guess there's much they can do about that, though.

Boarded another train for lunch, the Cape Cod Central at Hyannis Port.  This is both an actual transportation for people here on the cape and a re-creation of the long-gone elegant mean of coach travel in a dining car.  We were served a truly gourmet meal (I had the salmon encrusted with pistachio and John had the lemon smothered chicken...yummm.)  I have to say this was very elegant - white linens, the works.  We had an excellent chocolate/raspberry mousse for dessert.  Sigh...I know I'll have to stop eating like this once I get back home, but I'm enjoying it now!  The tour was a bit disappointing, though, as the train seemed to travel in a ditch, with the views blocked for most of the tour.  We did get to see some cranberry bogs, though!  And they were in the middle of dry harvesting some of them - a big wheel type paddle that scoops up the cranberries.  The whole tour was about 2 hours, but it was enjoyable as we sat with a very nice couple just about our same age.  We have met some nice folks on this tour - many were much older, but there were a few couples our age and one or two that were even younger.
We had some free time to walk through Hyannis Port -- John found some sherbet at the Ben & Jerry's store.  KT may or may not have gotten even more clothing in Hyannis Port.  Spoiling her is going to be such fun...

Then board the bus and back to the Boston area for the night.  The tour is giving us a farewell dinner tonight at the hotel and then tomorrow we are all going our separate ways.

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