Friday, October 21, 2011

Sleep over!

We had the joy of having KT over for a night this week!  She is changing more and more, and this time she was talking from the moment she got out of the car to the moment she finally went to sleep that night! Non-stop.... ha!  I'm starting to actually understand most of it too.
We played outside until it was too cold, then played inside, had dinner on our Halloween plates and then about 9pm, John and I were trying to get her to sleep, with the pillows on the floor, her milk in her hand.  John and I decided to change the channel from cartoons (thinking those were probably too stimulating) and so we changed to the Animal network.  Big mistake!
She was "oohhing" and "aahhing" ever animal on the show.  She loved it! ha!  John finally had to take her upstairs and she was asleep within 5 minutes.  Well, we're learning what works - it's definitely not the animal network.

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