Sunday, October 23, 2011

Movie Review --- Real Steel

Last night we went to see Real Steel at the movies!  What a great, little movie!  I loved it!
There are some cheesy moments (robot dancing?) in this action movie, but they are also kinda cute, so I didn't find them a turn off.  
The story of a really bad dad, Charlie (played by hunky Aussie, Hugh Jackman ((sigh))), who is a roll-of-the-dice kinda guy, always looking for the next big dollar score.  In the pursuit of this "big win" he racks up a lot of bad debt to a lot of bad guys. He's also lucky to have made a few friends who know him for what he is and love him anyway.  So he's constantly running from job to job and acting without thinking.  In the meantime, he's also a dad to a child he hasn't seen and wasn't interested in knowing, until his ex-girlfriend unexpectedly dies.  Now he's forced into making a decision. In true form, he makes bad ones.
But this son he hasn't known turns out to be a lot like him, only with better instincts.  
Oh, and yes, there's a bunch of boxing robots in this movie. Ha!  
We really loved it. It's an inspirational movie about redemption, it's rough and tumble, lots of really good cgi work, and a lovable robot named Atom.

Go, see -- you'll be boxing in your seat!

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  1. Real Steel is one of my favorite movies. I am an action lover and this movie is full of actions. All the characters is the movie done a fabulous job. I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing your review with us.