Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movie Review -- Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Well, FINALLY!  The first blockbuster of the summer -- an action movie that I loved!  Very, very well done movie, with an interesting story line that leaves you wanting more at the end!
Stars James Franco (I'm not a big fan, but he did fine here) and John Lithgow was his father, suffering from Alzheimer's disease.  His son is a scientist, working to find a cure.

The apes were done so well, especially Caesar, the chimp that the movie revolves around.  What a great job by Andy Serkis - you can't help but feel compassion for his character. 
And if you want to know what happened to Draco Malfoy after Harry Potter, look no further!  He ends up being another despicable character in this movie, another guy you'll love to hate!

Just be warned, when Caesar speaks for the first time, you won't be expecting it.  I actually jumped in my seat!

Great job, and I'm looking forward to the next movie in this series!  PS: The theater was packed, and this is the third weekend that this movie has been out.  Must be doing well at the box office, too!

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  1. I love the movie Rise of the Planet of Apes. This movie is full of adventure. This is about chimps who are about to destroy everything. How they are handled. What happen Then? A very good story line and direction.This movie is one which remain in your heart for long time.