Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mary Catherine Russell Schwencke

My fraternal grandmother.  She was married to Bruno in 1920(?) I have a note that she was a teacher in Kerrville, although I don't know that for sure. We had a brass school bell that had been hers in our home as long as I can remember, you know, the hand held one that they would stand in the door and ring for the children to come in from play time. Her family was from Missouri.  I wonder how in the world these two people met?!!
She was quite pretty, wasn't she?  They were a nice looking couple.
They had two children, my dad and his sister, Helen.
My memories of her are when she would come over to our home in Leon Valley on the weekends and Mom would wash her hair for her.  She had very, very long and thin hair that Mom would roll up on the top of her hair in a bun. She lived in a 2nd story room by then, along with another woman.  Mom told us that she had some mental issues (perhaps she was also bi-polar? It might have just been dementia and they didn't understand it as well as we do now) and that she couldn't live alone.  I wonder if this was a retirement place or assisted living place, but I don't know.  I wish I had asked more questions when Mom and Dad were able to answer them.

Mary Catherine Russell Schwencke
Born July 14, 1889
Died on July 6, 1957
Married to Bruno William Schwencke

Father was John William Russell
Mother was Medora Brakenridge Caldwell

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  1. You're doing a great job documenting, Mom. Keep up the great work!