Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movie Review --- Book of Eli

Thought provoking, for sure.  Bleak, yes.  This movie highlights the honest fact that "humans" will sink to the basest point when there are no laws or civilization in place. 

Denzel Washington carries the whole movie.  I enjoyed it, but I can't say I loved it.  It's not the kind of movie that you can love, I don't think.  It's more meant for discussion.
One thing that the character of Eli said that stuck with me.  "I've been so busy reading and studying the Book for so long, I've forgotten to live my life by the lessons that it taught me."  That's not word, for word, rather from my memory, but the idea is there.  This reminded me of those many TV preachers that we can all remember who are caught in scandal after scandal, believing that they should get "credit" for just reading and spreading the "word" and then acting any way they want.  Or a few Catholic priests. It's sad how religion can be bent.
I recommend the movie in that light - watch it and discuss.
There's a twist at the end.  No, I'm not telling.
There's an old couple in a house in the countryside that we'll all recognize.  Did you?
JR, it ends in San Francisco!

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