Friday, January 22, 2010

Update below!
I think this picture is of my paternal grandmother, Mary Catherine Russell, Mike, Me, Danny and Dad. 
It's marked Fox Co. July 1957.  Could that be right? 

No, I didn't cut off the picture, it was already like that.  Wonder why?

Anyway, we obviously were going somewhere special, all dressed up with ties and hats.  Dad is in a bow tie and it looks like Mike is in a cowboy tie! Smooothhhh!!!

I'm confused by the front of the house.  I remember there being a big cement planter along the front, but it's not there.  Did they add that later?  I have questions!

Update:  I actually got to thinking about my memories of my Grandma Schwencke after putting this picture up.  My most vivid memory is that she would come to our house on the weekends every once in a while, and my mom would wash her hair.  I can remember her sitting in the living room in a straight back chair, and mom taking down her bun.  
She wore a bun all the time that I ever saw her.  Mom started unpinning her bun and started untwisting her iron grey hair, and I was expecting shoulder length hair, but it just kept unrolling and unrolling and it was the thinnest few strands of grey hair, but about three feet long!  Inside was this donut looking spongy bun-holder.  Amazing!  Mom would wash her hair and then dry it in the living room, then take that donut and begin rolling that long thin hair back up.  Whew!  Do women still do that anymore?  I'm going to take a good look at the next bun I see... don't mind me as I follow that old lady down the hall. ha ha!

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