Sunday, July 1, 2018

Garden Log -- July 1, 2018

The garden is in the summer heat doldrums.  Some have totally ended their life cycle, and some are in a holding pattern until the heat lets up some.

We've started harvesting corn - the Incredible and Jackpot corn are both doing very well.  

 All of the peppers are finally kicking in and I'm starting to bring in the Red Sweet Cheese peppers. They are very good peppers, a nice thick wall and sweet. These are in the pimento family.
The okra is also coming in - a little at a time. 
 The cotton is not doing well this year - this is the green cotton and it is T I N Y! But already flowering and forming boles.
I'm also bringing in the dried cowpeas and the dried beans, a few every day.  These are calico crowder peas. 
For the first time we're seeing some grapes on the vines.  They look nice, but are already drying on the vine.  I think we'll harvest and see what we can get with what we have. 
That's about it for now.  It's HOT folks!

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