Sunday, May 20, 2018

Starting Mulberry Wine and Bottling the Cranberry Wine

Unbelievably we've already harvested about 14 pounds of mulberries from our two Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry trees that we planted back in 2014.  They really are very delicious.  I've been freezing most of them, and have made a few cobblers, but there's just way more then we need.  Thankfully the trees are starting to slow down now! Whew!

I took 6 pounds and started a batch of mulberry wine
 The "must"is started in a bucket.
 The next day the wine yeast is added, along with a yeast nutrient.
For the next five day the must is stirred once a day.
 On day 6 the solids from the bucket are strained out, and the wine is 
transferred to the carboys.
Isn't that a pretty color?!

Now it will sit in the corner for about three months.  Monthly I'll check it, strain off the sediment, and add sugar if needed, then return to the carboys. 

Meanwhile, the cranberry wine that I started back in December was ready to bottle (rack.) The two carboys made a total of 8 bottles - and it's pretty darn good fresh, but it will take several months to mature.  I'm planning to break it out for the holidays, giving it 6 months in the bottles.

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