Saturday, April 7, 2018

Garden Log --- April 7, 2018

Not much new planted the last few days except for a few winter squash I'm starting inside to put out after the peas are done on the squash house.  Hopefully they'll be ready to go at the right time.

I've been spending a few days potting up and refreshing the plants I pulled out of the greenhouse. They've all survived but always look a bit tattered after the winter. They appreciate new soil, fertilizer and fresh air.

Here's a few photos from my morning walks this week:
I hadn't even realized that the honeysuckle was blooming.  The bees have found it, however! 
The second patch of bearded iris is in full bloom right now as the older patch is fading. So beautiful and a constant reminder of my parents and dad's love of growing things.
The Mr. Lincoln climbing rose is in full bloom on the trellis out front. Just a beautiful old fashioned full blown rose.  
Ugh, that trellis really needs some TLC. I'll have to get
 the stain out...
The oldest blackberry plants are starting to bloom - this is our thornless Chester.

I potted up the baby succulents that I started during the winter - cute little guys!
This is the only "Chaya" Mayan spinach plant that made it from the four cuttings. I'm just glad I have one. I've potted it up and was so afraid it wouldn't react well, but it did fine and is sending out new little leaves. I'm excited to see what the adult plant will look like.
The pole beans that I planted a while back in the squash house are coming up.  Only one seed germinated of those 4 True Cranberry beans, so this little guy has the future of his family in his hands! Grow - grow - grow!!
The mammoth dill plant is really living up to its name. This plant is at least four times bigger then the other dill I have out there. Its a beautiful plant.
The cylindra beets are coming up and growing well. I wish I could say the same for the other varieties - they're all a little spotty.
Have I told you how much I love these gloves Colleen got me last year? I love those caps on the right glove - I use them to hand mix soil, dig up little weeds, and more.  These are a winner.
The snow peas have arrived!
The Cranberry Fielder beans have started to wrap around their poles. 
This is what I've been getting from the Rapini broccoli plants almost every single day. I'm not sure if this is normal, but this is what I'm dealing with. I cut these off daily, and the next day I have another bunch of shoots just like this. I'll use these in stir fry.
All of the summer squash are germinating, even the seeds that were three years old. Whew! I was worried that they were too old.
Here's the current state of the Broad (Fava) beans. They look healthy and happy so far.  I'm going to have to get some stakes to tie them up soon according to what I'm learning about them.
We ate our first 4 strawberries! As you can see, one didn't make it to the house. ha!
This is the purple ruffles basil - very dark purple.... 
...and this is the licorice basil.  I can't smell licorice yet, but its still a young plant and perhaps it takes a while to mature.
The Chinese cabbages continue to grow so much faster then the regular cabbages. I'm impressed by these. The Chirimen Hakusai is my favorite (almost lettuce like, although crunchier), the Michihili is good but has a "furry" feel to it, much like mustard plants do. 
I'm seeing the beginnings of a little cauliflower in the center of this plant.  These are Green Macereta.
The bunching onions are starting to flower. 
And I'm still waiting to find my first tomato.  There are flowers like this all over the garden, but no little green tomato yet.  Did I confess to you that I ended up with 23 tomato plants? What's wrong with me!? ha ha! Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to make a lot of salsa this year.
I'll leave you with a picture of the hummingbirds (can you see the two attacking this feeder?) They are draining my two feeders every few days - hungry little birds. I love hearing them buzzing in to feed every morning.

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