Friday, February 9, 2018

Things We've Found in the Attic....

John has been cleaning up the attic this past couple of weeks.  We're planning on getting a few bids on a new A/C unit for the upstairs in the spring, so he wants to clear it out so that they will be able to get up there and see what's needed.  It's a mess.  We've been throwing stuff up there for years, just not sure what to do with some of it.  The time has arrived, and I'll have to decide.

Most excited to find one of my mom's little ceramic nuns! I think there were three of these at one time, but she's the only survivor (unless more show up later.)  I'm keeping this one and putting her on display on my bookshelf.

Next was a couple of scrapbooks of Colleen's life - not sure if I made these or if she did.  They are great, though, and I'm going to scan the pictures before giving these to her.

Here's one of the pictures that were in them.  I love this pic of her at Halloween one year.  I was trying to decide which of her two girls look the most like Colleen, and I think I'd have to say Joss (which is totally not the one I would have said earlier, but Joss is looking more and more like early Colleen all the time.)

There were several books and manuals up there  (Windows 5 manual, or Word Perfect manuals anyone?) I'll probably donate some of the fiction books to the library. And we found some of JR's scout stuff I'm going to give to him next time I see him.

There will be more soon -- he's not done by a long shot! Did I mention it was a real mess up there? 

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