Saturday, February 24, 2018

Garden Log - February 24, 2018

Rain, rain, and more rain.  I'm not complaining, really - since we'll all be praying for rain in the near summer - but really! I'm so sick of mud.
Rain drops on the pine tree

I'm still working on all the little seedlings and continuing to start more.  Today I started the gourds. I'm hoping for better luck then I had last year, not a single plant made it (honestly, they died from neglect - I did a terrible job with them.)  If these germinate, I'm putting them out on the fence in front of the orchard.

I'm also trying to start some of the tangerine cross-vine - these seeds were collected from the plants in the fall. I sure hope they germinate.  They are in the greenhouse under the lights and on heat pads.

 The milkweed plants are mostly up and growing - I've got Herb Red and Pink.  These will go in the front flower bed and I hope we can attract some butterflies!

 Both rows of sugar snap and snow peas are up and growing.
 Keeping an eye on the blackberries and raspberries.  We'll be fertilizing these soon, as soon as the weather cooperates.
More to come soon - meanwhile - stay dry!

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