Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Garden Log -- February 12, 2018

The spring garden officially started today -- we put out the snow peas and the snap peas in the main garden! Whoop!

These are all edible-podded peas, and the seeds were all part of the big pack of bean seeds that I won last month! There's about a dozen in each pack, so I get to try so many different varieties.  I found out that peas don't cross-pollinate since they are self pollinating and usually do so before the flower opens. So I'll be able to save seeds from all of these. Yea!

They all seem to have different heights, too, so I tried to put a tall one next to a short one so I can tell them apart.  

Amish Sugar Snap 5-6 ft. tall vines
Dwarf Grey Sugar 3' tall vines
Dwarf White Sugar 3' tall vines
Green Beauty Tendril 6-8 ft. tall vines
Mammoth Sugar Pod 4-6 ft. tall vines
Oregon Sugar Pod  2-3 ft. tall vines
Royal Snow 30" tall vines
Spring Blush Tendril pink blush/5-6 ft. vines
Sugar Snap 5' tall vines

It was pretty nasty out most of the day today, so I was happy that we were able to get out there for a while between rain drops. Peas like it cool.  It's supposed to be rainy the rest of the week and getting colder again, so they should be happy.

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