Monday, January 1, 2018

Confession time....

I've joined Weight Watchers again. I'm wondering how many times I've done that through the years? I know I probably have about 3 of their old style scales ferreted away in my house, so that might be an indication of how long it's been.
This time I have so much more inspiration to lose what has been "weighing" me down:

  1. One year ago I was in the hospital with a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure. Talk about a sign from God to get my act together.  I'm fine now, seeing a cardiologist and my regular doctor and they have me on the right path, but.... this weight....has to go.
  2. My daughter has spent a year getting her body in such a good place - she looks FANTASTIC and she has inspired me that if she can do it while raising two youngsters and keeping a professional job going, then what's my excuse?
  3. My grandchildren need their Mimi.  I have to get more energy and the ability to keep up with them - they're 7, 3 and 1-1/2 years old, so you see, they've got lots of go go go!

I joined WW online at the end of November, before Thanksgiving.  We even took a trip on Thanksgiving week and I stayed true to my plan.  I lost a total of 10 pounds from beginning to the end of December.  Today I weighed in again and another 2 pounds. So I'm on my way. They encourage us to take a "before" picture, and that's me there. Ugh. I hate cameras!

My goal for 2018:

  1. Down to a goal weight of 165.
  2. Maintain that weight when I get there.
  3. Learn new eating habits.
  4. Move more.

My goals for January:

  1. Lose a total of 10 more pounds.
  2. Track everything I eat.
  3. Stay within my WW points plan.
  4. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
  5. Find something WW approved at every "away from home" event. It can be done!

I'll be posting some of my menu recipes on the blog here and there, so that I can have them easily available if we really liked them.  John's eating the meals with me, although not sticking totally to the WW plan.
Here's hoping that being accountable to this blog and my WW plan will help me succeed! 

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