Friday, December 29, 2017

Max's Christmas Program

Last Friday we were invited to Max's Christmas program at his day-care school.  He was all dressed up as a duckling!  Who knew there were ducks at the birth of Christ?
 JR and Ashley are watching for Max to come in.
 Here come the ducks!
 Here's everyone on the altar.  Can you spot Max?! 

There were turkeys, lots of donkeys, cows, sheep, stars, angels, the shepherds, and wise men! They sang lots of songs for us.  I was surprised how well Max sat there for the entire program...those teachers must have him well trained now!
 JR, Ashley, Max and Ashley's dad, Granddad Gene
Max with Grumpy

 After the program they had refreshments for everyone downstairs in the hall. Then Max had to go back to school, and we all went out for breakfast at LaMadeleine.  I finally felt like it was Christmas--- Max's program put me in the spirit!

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