Thursday, November 2, 2017

October and Halloween 2018 in the books!

I really can't tell you what happened to October.  I think I blinked and it's over.  We had a wonderful trip to the South Texas Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Hondo on October 14th.  We picked a new location this year just to get a little variety (we usually go to the Medina Pumpkin Patch) and it was really a lot of fun! 

They have quite a few more activities there, including some awesome slides the kids just loved, including Max. Also some bouncing pads, horse rides, an awesome corn maize that was lots of fun for about 5 minutes (then I got hot and tired of that!) ha! I think the kids loved it though.  
 Bounce pads were fun, even Max wanted to try!

 A vampire cat!
 Those slides were awesome!
 Meow, little kitty!

 They give you a map of the corn maze before you take off.

 Max had the best transport of all!
 Several big boxes of apples for an apple cannon they had there. What a waste of good apples!

 Observation deck in the middle of the maze

Max had all the fun he could handle! Peace out!

Halloween was great, as usual. We all met at Jeff and Colleen's and had dinner and the kids all trick or treated in the neighborhood. John and I stay at the house and pass out candy while they're gone, which was about all we could manage this year since his arm was out of commission.  
 Commander Max, ready for space!
 Belle, from Beauty & the Beast. Her Nene in Houston made this most beautiful dress.
 Uma, from the Descendents (Disney). KT is drawn to the color teal!

 The Forsythe family
 The Koenig family

On to November!

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