Thursday, November 2, 2017

Microgreen Success - Finally!!

You'd think something as simple as starting a tray of greens would be easy, peasy.  Well, not so much.  My first tray had some success in germination, but then most wilted and died, despite my over wrought hand-wringing and over watering (or maybe because of that!)

The second tray wasn't much better.  This time I added a thicker layer of seed starting medium, but it didn't seem to make much difference.

I'm using a felt underlay, with a layer of seed starting medium on top of that, and then sprinkled the seeds on that.  I start the trays with the cover and then remove it after germination since the greenhouse is pretty hot. I think I can leave the top longer now that the weather has moderated.
This third try has actually become what I'd call a minor success! Pretty decent germination and I harvested a small pile of greens yesterday. Hooray!! They were pretty and pretty darn delicious as a little decor on our salads last night. Crunchy! I think the difference was that I added a kelp fertilizer to the watering, and I've been spraying a fine mist over them daily.  

I'm starting a 4th tray tomorrow and I'm planning to increase the number of seeds, sowing them a bit thicker this time. I'm following guidance from Johnny's Seeds, and to read more about them, an article I ran across today. I'm determined to learn this gardening skill!

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