Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mustang Wine

I just realized that I never did a post about making the Mustang Wine!  I was gifted a five gallon bucket of mustang grapes by a friend back in July and was so excited to try making wine with it.  I found a fairly simple recipe (I used the one for a sweet red) and loosely followed it, although I did add sugar several times trying to sweeten it up.  
This was after 7 days of stirring these grapes in the five gallon bucket.  It bubbled fairly constantly during the whole time.

 After the 7 days it was time to strain off the grapes. It took several pressings to get all of them out. So, so tart! Strained again and put into the 5 gallon carboy after adding sugar, and left for a month.
 After one month we re-racked to remove some of the sediment, moving all of the wine into 3 one gallon carboys. There was a LOT of sediment.  More sugar added! Very tart, still.

 After another month we tasted and it was perfect! Not too sweet, but not too tart.  It got a thumbs up, even from John! High praise, he's not one for sweet wine.
 Sterilizing bottles in the oven before bottling the wine.
 Using the corker. 
 After corking we put PVC shrink caps over the top, and then label.  Now we'll wait until Thanksgiving to break these out!

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