Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- September 17, 2017

Finished up the garden this past week, although I'm still doing some mulching and, of course, weeding already. Sigh...

→The lettuces are in:
Little Gem - Seedsnow.com
Yugoslavian Red Butterhead - Seed Savers Exchange
Green Ice - Seedsnow.com
Salad Bowl Red - Seedsnow.com
→The choys:
Shanghai Green - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds 
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy - Saved Seeds (orig. Baker Creek)
→The kales:
Tronchuda - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Lacinato - Seedsnow.com
Halbhoher Gruner Krauser - Seed Savers Exchange
→The beans:
Tendergreen Improved - Ferry Morse
Calima - Pinetree Garden Seeds

I went ahead and bought nursery plants to get these in - mine are not ANYWHERE near big enough to plant, and I'm not even sure they ever will be. These are all from Bonnie Plants and they cost $3.78 a pack of 6, so they are 63 cents each. No tax because Vegetables! Yea!

Savoy Cabbage
Ruby Red Perfection Cabbage

Artwork Broccoli
Lieutenant Broccoli

Next up, potting up some vegetables for the greenhouse this winter.

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