Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Twelve --- Whales!

August 1, 2017

This week we're studying whales! First though, we're making pizza dough for our lunch so that the bread machine can do it's magic.  Joss and KT both took turns adding ingredients, then we set it to work while we started camp.
We started with a little art project - making a whale with a paper plate! All four of us worked on our whales, but I sure had a hard time with the directions.  KT figured it out before any of us!  After making the whale, we all painted them and added some decorations, including a water spout.

Joss's whale is yellow/green, KT's is mostly white, and Grumpy's is blue!

After our art project we were off to the library to find some books about whales.  They had plenty, so we had several to bring home with us.  The girls have really enjoyed their time at the Lakehills/Pipe Creek Library this summer.
When we got home our pizza dough was ready and resting, so we all make our own individual whale shaped pizzas for lunch.  Can you see whales in this picture? Ha! You really have to use your imagination! 
 On to our next project - decorating whale cookies! Both girls got six cookies to decorate any way they wanted to and they had lots of fun icing and sprinkles! They colored their own icing - KT was green and, of course, Joss chose yellow.  She's on a real yellow kick this summer.

 Of course they tasted the icing!

 I had created some whale cards for the girls to look at with pictures of the whales and their names on the back.  I never got a picture of them, but they turned out really neat.  Then we all tried to guess the names of each whale by just looking at their pictures.

All that's left was a nice swim - we had a busy day!  On Thursday we're going to the Whale exhibit at the Witte Museum.

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