Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Three --- Jurassic World

This week we're taking a look at dinosaurs! 
This theme is back by popular demand, both girls love dinos.  Here are the dinosaur eggs that I made the night before camp, and the first thing the girls did was make a nest for their eggs.
 Baking soda, water and gel color! These worked great - just give them time to dry.

Wed went to the barn to gather hay and other plant materials to make the nests and the girls situated everything to make the nests. 
 Then they both got to pick 7 eggs for their nests.
We sat them out in the sun to dry a bit more while we worked on our next project. 
Next up we mixed up some salt dough to make dinosaur fossils!  

Then the girls made round, flat patties of dough and pressed a plastic dinosaur into their dough.  They each made several and we put them out in the sun to dry while we went to the library.  We'll paint them when we get home.
At the library we picked up books about dinosaurs - our local library had quite a few!
We got back home and had dinosaur shaped chicken bites for lunch, and dipped them in dino "blood" (ketchup), and a side of dino "poop" (pork and beans!)  These girls really have fun with our themes every week!  Then we hurried out to "hatch" the dinosaur eggs.  They crumbled fairly easily and the girls had fun washing off their baby dinosaur.

 Our dinosaur fossils were hardened up pretty well so the girls got busy painting the inside with a brown paint.  
 Such intense concentration!
Dinosaur bones were our final activity of the day - these were made with a white cornstarch dough. These are going to take a while to dry out, so we're leaving them until Thursday. John made a neat bone mold for the girls to use if they wanted to. 

There was just time for a swim before the day was over. Whew! We sure had fun today, and we're off to the Bandera Natural History museum on Thursday.

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