Friday, June 9, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- June 9, 2017

Not a lot to report, harvesting continues and I'm spending lot of time dealing with everything we bring in from the garden every day.  Today John and I snapped all of the beans that were piling up, and I froze 6 bags.  I peeled, chopped and froze a bunch of tomatoes that I'll use for more salsa when I get enough saved up. 

More of the pole beans are starting to produce - this is an Asian Red Noodle bean that will get even longer.  Neat looking! I'm also still picking the Purple Pod pole beans and the Fortex pole beans. The others are all in flower, so its just a matter of time.
The Queen Ann cow peas are blooming the most beautiful creamy butter colored flowers. So pretty. Can you spot the little pea pod there?
The Cubanelle peppers were getting so big, I just didn't really know when to pick them. It's always a guessing game when we grow new things. If you look them up, some are red and some are green.
Today John picked them and brought them in, so decision made I guess! ha!  
The celery that survived is getting big! I'm kind of excited to have grown these.  I'm going to try again in the fall garden, maybe they will do even better.
The Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries were also piling up in the fridge, so I cooked them and made a pie filling out of them. It's in the fridge, and I'll use it for something. Not sure what yet.

Today we brought in a sweet Violet Sparkle pepper.  This plant was the only one that came up of the 12 seeds that I planted back in January, so it's in a pot in my potted garden. I got these seeds from Baker Creek. Pretty!
 Finally we are seeing some elderberries.  I was seriously worried about getting any this year. I have one York plant and two Adams, and you need two varieties for pollination. We pruned the York plant back too much during the fall, so it did not bloom until very late. Oh well, we'll get what we get. Lesson learned.

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