Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day One --- Wizard School

Summer camp 2017 has begun! This week our theme is "Wizard School" and we're doing lots of scientific experiments.
The first one we did was a Skittles Science Experiment. I got the idea here.  The girls lined Skittles candies around a foam plate in whatever pattern they wanted (of course, they sampled a few as they worked!)

 Pour warm water carefully in the center until it touches all of the candies and then sit back and watch the magic!

 Because it was an experiment, I asked the girls what they "thought would happen" before we poured the water.  They both got it right!
Next up, we made Oobleck! This one was really popular with the girls -- they both just love mixing things up. This activity took quite a while because they kept mixing and adding and mixing and adding. The question was "is this a liquid, or is this a solid?" It can be both! 
Joss colored her Oobleck yellow, because she's in a super serious "Beauty and the Beast" period right now - yellow is her favorite color.  KT made her's blue. 
Grumpy helped open the packages of corn starch (he was trying to keep things neat, but that didn't last long! ha!) When you touch it in the bowl, the Oobleck is hard, but when you pick it up, it runs through your hands like a liquid. This was a really messy activity that they just loved. Good thing we were able to do this outside on the pavilion! 

The final experiment we did in the morning was blowing up a balloon without breathing into it! This one was mind-bending! 

 You only need is baking soda and vinegar, and empty water bottle and a balloon (and adult supervision, of course.) Great fun!

After cleaning the girls up, we were off to the library, one of the favorite things we will do every Tuesday.  The girls had fun - of course KT made a bee line to the shark books. Joss loves to play with the library stuffed animals and puzzles. We all picked out books to take home for free time.

Grumpy had made lunch for the girls while we were gone - peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches! We had lunch and a short rest time, and then back outside for an afternoon experiment - hovercrafts. We finally got this to work after a few "fails" because our super glue didn't work fast enough, but we finally made it. You glue a bottle cap with a push "open/close" top to the center of a CD, then blow up a balloon and quickly pull it over the top in the closed position. Then pull the cap open through the balloon and watch it dance around the table (and off the table, and across the floor!) ha!   

Time for swim! We all made it to the pool and the girls had a blast.  We always finish off our swim time with Popsicles, it's a must.

We had a great first day of camp. Thursday we're going to the San Antonio Doseum! 

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