Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- May 10, 2017

Things are moving along in the garden.  I have two large savoy cabbages that are getting so big! Beautiful plants.  And there's a few smooth, small cabbages in there that seem to be doing well too.
Doesn't this cabbage remind you of "Feed me, Seymour" from the Little House of Horrors?

All of the kale are growing so well, but I'm so proud of how these Lacinato (Dinosaur) kale look this year. I'm using BT on these to keep the cabbage worms at bay and it is really working.  Tomorrow I'm making this potato and kale soup recipe with some of this. 
This Fantasia Swiss Chard is a beautiful color! I've been giving so much of the chard to our chickens this year -- our granddaughters go and pick some every time they are here to feed them. 
I have high hopes for this year's onions - finally! Look how well these white Grano onions are starting to bulb. There are onion plants tucked here and there all over the garden, I really over-did it this year.
The peppers are all doing fine - these are the Aji Golden peppers here.  I'm just going to start saving these in the fridge as they produce and try my hand at some fermentation when I get enough.  I'll combine these with the Aji Angelo's when they start producing.

Aji Golden

I've picked two Cubanelle peppers so far - there's only one plant that lived.  I may leave the remaining peppers that we get on the plant until they get red.
The Gypsy peppers are just beautiful this year (although I didn't get a picture of those) and we've already picked over a pound. My favorite sweet pepper!

No ripe tomatoes yet...darn!  These Blueberries cherry tomatoes are sure pretty, though.
 We have tiny green beans - these are the Jade variety.  Nothing big enough to pick yet.
I see a little cucumber!
Some of the climbing beans have started growing up the wire! 
Oh my goodness, the peaches have taken over my life.  This is finally all of the crop - we're done picking.  Now the hard work begins ... processing all of these.  I've been freezing most of them after peeling and cutting up.  

I chopped some up in the food processor and made some peach pops...YUMMM!
I'm making some peach jelly with the peelings.  I've found a good recipe, so hope it works! I'll do a post about it tomorrow.
Such beautiful peaches!

And in other developments, the elderberries are starting to form up.  These are the York variety.
These amaranth plants are such a striking color and they've started to form their seed heads now, although they are only about 3 foot tall so far.
And finally, my dream of growing rice is dying a slow death.  I'm not sure why, it started on one side and they are all just withering up and dying.  Sigh.....

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