Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- April 22, 2017

To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. -- William Blake

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

The squash house plants are all growing so well, even the Asparagus beans that I saved several years ago - I was sure they wouldn't grow, but all of them came up!

 This is a shot of bed #4 - it's coming along too. I've been slowly mulching and weeding it. Almost done!
 This is Bed #1 and #2 - it's a jungle! Weeding in there is a chore, but I'm giving it my best. 
I really need to pick more spinach and give this bed a chance to breath. It's so full. I'll be doing that on Sunday and freezing some of this bounty.
I weeded and cleaned up the kale bed this past week. It's growing so well.  I'm in love with this Siber Frill kale. 
 Next to the kale is this bunching onion patch.  
 I'm still thinning out all of the onions - finished with the white onions this week.  We'll use these in cooking and John likes to add them to his salads.
 Here are the first of the Blueberries tomatoes -- I'm excited to see how these look when they mature. Supposed to be pretty dark.
I have the tallest garden huckleberries this year - these plants are almost 4 ft. tall.  
The potatoes are flowering! 
 Something funny going on with these Red Swan bush beans - they have some long vines coming out from the top. I'm new to this variety, so we'll see what happens.
 Today I had to get John's help in dealing with my tomatillos.  They are huge this year, and the yellow variety flopped over onto the beets and onion plants, so he put a trellis in there to force them back up. The plants are loaded.  They look beat up here, but I'm hoping they'll recover - I had to unweave them from the plants around them and they were resistant!
 The beets look good, but really packed in there.  Will probably space them out a bit more next year.
 The squash bugs have started to show up - mostly on the tomatillo and the huckleberry plants. My actual squash plants are still too small to attract them yet.  I've started picking them by hand and drowning them in an insect spray solution. Nasty things - I really hate them.
 In my spare time I'm re-labeling all of our fruit trees so that we can ID them.  I'm putting the year they were planted on the aluminum metal label as I go.  The labels we had on them are now too small and I don't want them to girdle the plants, so they had to go.

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