Monday, April 10, 2017

Fort Clark

We took a little day trip today with our friend the Hoyt's -- off to find another of the Texas forts that we haven't seen yet.  This one is in Bracketville, Texas, which wasn't all that far away.  I didn't get any good photos of the fort itself - it's all privately owned now and is actually one of the best preserved forts we've seen on our travels.  The whole thing is inside of a private resort, Fort Clark Springs

You have to stop at their gated entrance to get permission to see the fort and drive thru. There was the nicest lady there and she was so helpful - the museum is not open every day and she tried her hardest to find someone to open it for us, but there wasn't any of the regulars able to meet us there, so we didn't get to see that.  But, we did have a very nice drive around the entire resort.  
 The original buildings are still there and many of them have been sold to private owners. Most are in very good condition and have been restored where needed.  There's a motel, golf course, hiking and bike riding areas, and an RV park there. I have to say that the RV park area was the only place that looked like it needed some attention...not in the best of shape.  The motel was right near the springs where they have a very nice spring-fed pool for visitors and owners.  There were several people swimming today...yikes! Too cold for me.
There was a restaurant on site, too, but it was closed today.

 We walked all around the springs and open area - there were several historic plaques and some beautiful and HUGE pecan trees all over the property.  They've been there a really long long long time.

This rock monument was on a field where there had been a big skirmish between the soldiers and the Comanche Indians.  

 Moras means mulberry in Spanish, something new I learned today. (Also, this military commander needed a better hair cut - just sayin'.)

Can you find the fish?

After our tour we went to have lunch in Camp Wood - a really good BBQ place called the Nueces Country Smokehouse. Delicious!  I had the pulled pork sandwich and potato salad.  The thing was so big I had to bring half of it home with me for another day. 

After lunch we took a very scenic drive thru the hill country through Leakey, Vanderpool, Medina, Bandera and then home.  A very nice, leisurely day with good friends.  I need more of these!

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