Friday, March 10, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- March 10, 2017

Spring planting continues - Bed #1.

First, Bed #1A holds the little cabbage starts that have been in the greenhouse.  It's getting too hot in there for them, so they had to go out.

  1. Michihili (Chinese) Cabbage
  2. Drumhead Cabbage
  3. Brunswick Cabbage
  4. Mixed Cabbage (Pinetree Seeds)

Bed #1B is all of the carrots. I planted four different types this year:

  1. Sugar Snax Carrots
  2. Dragon Carrots
  3. St. Valery Carrots
  4. Tendersweet Carrots

More to do in Bed #1 soon, but we've been getting some sprinkles almost every day, so I'm trying to fit it in between raindrops!

Meanwhile, we put in an in-ground compost pipe the other day. This is something I'd read about in various places and wanted to try. Supposedly it feeds the worms that work in the ground to loosen the soil and leave their castings to fertilize the plants. It all starts with a bit of sewer pipe (new of course!)
 The pipe is about 2-1/2 feet long, just mark half way, then drill holes around the bottom half. Leave the bottom open (no cap.)
 I used some kind of drill bit thingy that John had with a round hole driller (can you tell I have no idea what that thing is called?)
 The view when I stood it up after drilling the holes!
 John wanted it green, so I sprayed the top part that was going to be out of the ground.
 Then John attached a handle to the top of a sewer pipe cap that fit the size of pipe we had. I sprayed it green, too.
In the walkway between the carrots and the next bed, John dug a hole (about 1-1/2 foot deep) and we buried the part with all of the holes. Top on! Ready to go.  I've dumped some compost (kitchen scraps) in already, and will continue to do so as I collect it. 

I'm still a bit nervous about putting out my tomatoes, so I've been potting them up into bigger and bigger pots until we can put them out in the garden.  Again, I've gone overboard -- I think I have about 16 plants in various stages.  I can't help myself, I just love all the different types and names.  

This Blueberries tomato I've planted twice, the first try didn't germinate, so I got a different batch of seeds and they finally came up.  These are so late, I'll probably just put them in a big pot in the potted garden for the summer.  I also have a Costoluto Genovese tomato that's real small and will do the same with it.
 This week I also planted out the 10 Mississippi Brown cotton plants that I started in the greenhouse. I put these in my old metal trough planter and another big plastic tub. Still can't believe those seeds were still good - I think they were like 6 years old! And every single seed I planted came up. Amazing. These are destined for fall decorations!
 John's orchard is starting to spring to life.  We'll see how it does this year - I'd love to try some wine.
 The oldest peach tree, the Rio Grande, is covered in peaches.  I think this will be a good year for peaches! Please -- no freezing weather!!!!
 Our tangerine vine has outdone itself this year -- just gorgeous and covered both outside the fence and inside the fence with blooms. 
The beets in Bed #2 are starting to germinate!   
 Another new project this year -- I'm trying my hand at microgreens in the greenhouse. I started one tray on Thursday. This is a mild lettuce mix.  I bought the felt microgreen tray liners to grown them on that fit inside the 1020 trays just right.

 The elderberries are also starting to leaf out!
 And finally, the purple bearded iris are budding -- should be seeing some full blown flowers soon.

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