Saturday, March 25, 2017

Leon Valley AVA Walk

This morning we got up early and met the family in Leon Valley at Raymond Rimkus park for a 5K walk with a walking club that my brother and his wife and our friends the Hoyt's are a part of. It was kind of nice to get the extended family together.  We were only missing Ashley, she's been sick and wasn't up to it.  I didn't walk either, but I got to watch Joss while her family walked!
The weather was fantastic - just a bit cool, with lots of beautiful sunshine.
 John is signing in at the registration table.
 We got to visit with Aunt Kathy who was working the table. I never got to see my brother, Mike. He was on duty somewhere out on the walking course.
 JR, KT, John and Colleen waiting to take off!
 JR with Mighty Max in tow! I heard he did well in the backpack until just before the end. Pretty good for his first time out.
Max is like, "I don't know what's happening, but I like it!"
 Josh came with his entire family.  I never got a picture of the boys or Sunni. Dang!
 Jeff, ready to go!
 And they're off! You can walk anytime between 8am and 11am, so the walkers were spread out all over the park. Such a good idea.
 Uncle Hoyt was working the walk, too. One day after hand surgery - what a guy! 
Mari was there, but working at one of the stations on the course handing out candy, 
water and directions to those who needed it.
 Joss and I spent a lot of time playing on the kiddie playground.  She's fearless!
 Round and round! Hey, there I am - that shadow with the iphone camera!
 Sit, bunny!
After the walk, we went to the new Leon Valley Cafe for lunch. It was good -- I recommend it!

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