Friday, August 12, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day EIGHTEEN --- Water Play All Day Week

Originally we had planned this week to be Camping Week, but with the temps hovering around 100 degrees, we decided it would be just too hot in a tent, so a quick change of plans was in order.  We're having lots and lots of water play this last week of summer camp.  

First up, a water pouring station - which was a couple of big tubs filled with containers of every sort.  The girls used food coloring to make various colors and then combined them to see what new colors they could make.  They had lots of fun!

 KT enjoys mixing things -- wonder if she's a budding scientist?
 Joss may have gotten a little carried away with the blue food coloring....
 Then we made some little floating boats using an old pool noodle....
After that water play, the girls took turns whacking at some balloon pinatas!  A little harder then we imagined, actually....Grumpy had to put a nail in the end of the plastic baseball bat to puncture these balloons because they were pretty tough.  But when they broke it was FABULOUS!!! Everyone got their share of being in the splash zone.

We had a wonderful morning swim before lunch - the girls loved being in their swim suits all day today.

The girls played with their water stations some more after rest time, an afternoon swim and then home so that KT could make her dance class today.  We had so much fun today just enjoying the water!
Ending with Popsicles, of course!

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