Friday, July 15, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day TWELVE --- Plants & Gardens

Thursday's field trip was to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens! Such a beautiful place. I will say, perhaps the fall would be a better time to go -- it was HOT! 
KT helped push Joss around -- such a great help!

 The gardens are spotlighting plants that attract and feed butterflies right now, and they are everywhere! Just beautiful.  They had a photo op butterfly wings set up, so we got shots of both KT and Joss.  Aren't they the most beautiful butterflies ever!!?

We took a little different route this time so that the girls could see the fountain plaza (and throw in a couple of pennies to make wishes.)

Next we toured the Japanese Garden which was so peaceful and beautiful. We sat up in the pergola and just soaked in the peace.

 After that we walked through the Sensory Garden.  Joss got up close and personal with a big snail!
Now on to see some of the story book displays -- this one is their depiction of Jack and the Beanstalk.  The white fabric represents clouds. 

Then the "Oh The Places You'll Go" display.... 

We sat on some huge furniture in the ampitheater area.... 
 Posing for pictures!
 Then we had to go back to the Carriage House because KT was "starving." We got popcorn, which helped with that.  We sat under the wisteria arbor to eat our snack - it was so restful and beautiful. There were butterflies everywhere.
After walking all the way back to the conservatory, we decided it was enough for one day in this heat and it was time to leave for lunch.  On the way, we stopped in for a few minutes to see the new baby and Aunt Ashley.  Everyone there is doing great! Joss tells us she is not the "baby" anymore, that now she is the "middle" and Max is the "baby." So there you have it.
 I asked if the girls wanted pizza for lunch, which was immediately accepted, especially if we could go to Peter Piper Pizza. We had lots of fun eating, then playing some games and riding some rides. 
 This is KT giving me the "side eye."
 Rocky is also eating some pizza.

 It's hard to see here, but this ride was bouncing her around, vibrating, and 
gyrating all over the place. What a wild ride!
 Then we high-tailed it home so we could have some time to swim.  Everyone was pretty tired after our long day, so the pool was a nice end to today's camp.

Next week we're only having one day of camp because the girls are off to the coast for the Koenig Family annual beach trip.  I know they will have a great time, and Mimi and Grumpy are going to rest up!  On Thursday, the camp theme will be Game Day!  

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