Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day NINE --- Dinosaurs!

This week we're talking dinosaurs!  We had lots of fun making a dinosaur village with some really neat squishy dinosaurs that s - t - r - e - t - c - h, which was Joss's favorite thing about them.  Then since we had two sets of the same dinosaurs, Joss and I played a matching game with them -- she's pretty good at finding things that are the same.
 KT and I made homemade play-dough, and she used hers to make some dinosaur eggs for her village, which was such a good idea that Joss wanted to do the same.  It was so much fun.

 Joss is stretching the dinosaurs spikes! Yikes!

On Monday I made some frozen eggs (just water and food coloring) in some Easter Egg molds. I had to hot glue over the hole on the bottom, then fill the bottom with the water and a small dinosaur, then once that froze, I put the top on, used some electric tape to hold it closed so the water wouldn't escape, and filled the top through the hole using a syringe. Then back into the freezer until this morning.
 The girls had to figure out how to get the baby dino out of the frozen egg. I gave them some spoons, butter knives, a small hammer, and a screw driver.  But guess what KT found to be the fastest way?  Yes, dropping it on the rocks! ha! Then she changed to the hammer, which worked pretty good too. Then she took the dino to the sink and ran water over it until all the ice was melted.  This was a fun activity on a hot day! I think this was the most fun of the whole day.

 KT showing me how a velociraptor looks!
 During free time Joss and I did a dinosaur puzzle!

Then it was library time.  There were quite a few people in the library today, so we had to share some of the space.  The girls love doing their puzzles -- and they had some new ones today.

 Back at home we had dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets 
and beans (we called them dino poop! ha ha!) Big hit!
After rest time, we only had time for a swim and some Popsicles before we had to go home.  KT has dance lessons today.

Thursday we're going to the new museum in Bandera, which has some big dinosaurs out on the grounds. Can't wait to see them!

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