Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day ELEVEN --- Plants & Gardens

We had to re-order the Summer Camp days a bit to accommodate John's recent surgery (he's doing great) so this week we're learning all about plants and gardens -- a subject near and dear to my heart!

My weekly plan -- we never get to everything. I guess I over-plan, just in case!

We started camp by putting green bean seeds in a jar with damp paper towels - we're going to find out what happens when a seed begins to sprout.  
 Show me the bean seeds, Joss.  How many are there?  Let's count....

We'll check back with those bean seeds on Thursday.  Next up we planted alfalfa seeds to use as sprouts. The girls soaked some sponges and put them in a plastic container - then sprinkled the alfalfa seeds on them.  They put the covers on and we'll keep looking at these to see what happens, too.
 KT loves working with water!
 But Joss doesn't like the feel of those tiny seeds on her fingers.

John helped Joss on the tricycle for a while, so KT decided to plant her coneflowers.  Both girls got one of these little kits to plant.  KT read the instructions herself -- she didn't need my help at all.

 Sprinkling seeds into the pot.

The next activity was lots of fun - we're watching to see how plants move water through their leaves. Science!! We cut off 4 leaves from this Chinese Cabbage plant, making sure to have a clean cut across the bottom.
Next the girls each got to fill two big clear cups up with water about 1/2 way, then drop food coloring into their cups.  Joss ALWAYS picks pink and purple. KT likes blue and teal.  
 Then they dropped the leaves into the cups.  We're watching these during the day to see what happens..... (anticipation!!!)
 After 5 hours, here's what happened! Cool!!! 
After starting that experiment, it was library time.  They had something new there this week - a cardboard rocket ship! KT is almost too tall.

"I can do it myself!"
 After lunch and rest time, it was time for the pool!  We just bought a slide for the pool, and KT had herself a BLAST with it! She went off that slide up, down, backwards, and almost inside out -- she had so much fun!  
 No fear!

 Joss was a little skeptical of the slide -- maybe when her parents are here she'll give it a try.

Thursday we're taking a field trip to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens!

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