Friday, July 1, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day EIGHT --- Rocks & Minerals!

Field trip day!  We started the morning with breakfast at home -- biscuits and sausage, something for everyone! KT loves bread, and Joss loves meat, so between the both of them, they cleaned their plates! After breakfast we packed up our picnic lunch and loaded into the car for a trip to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.  It's only about one hour from our home, but the girls both took some electronics to keep themselves amused on the road.
 Once we arrived we checked in at the Ranger's Station and then drove down to the parking lot.  The first thing KT wanted to do was go see the water way, since she heard someone say there was "snakes down there chasing minnows!" How could she resist?  Grumpy took them both to take a look.
There were three snakes in there, one garter snake and two blotched water snakes, and lots of minnows darting everywhere.  Exciting!! I couldn't get too close, but here the picture - the black arrows show two of the snakes.
That's just a stick!

 A bird feather!

We started hiking up the Summit Trail, Joss and I made it about 1/2 way.  It was so hot, so we walked up a ways and then sat under a shade tree, while Grumpy and KT made the summit.  Joss is getting so independent now, she wants to try to do everything herself!

 Here the girls are at the beginning of the Summit Trail.
 Grumpy, KT and Joss on a Granite outcropping
 Me and KT resting under a small oak tree in what little shade I could find -- it was H O T!!! We did bring a bottle of water, so we cooled off just fine.
Once Grumpy and KT came back down and met up with us, we all got a snow cone to cool down! Oh, it was SO GOOD!!! Mimi had green, Grumpy blue, KT red and Joss only ever asks for purple. We broke out the sandwiches, too. 

 KT and Joss demolished a whole tub of watermelon cubes!

After lunch and another look at the snakes in the water, we drove home.  The girls took a look at their rock candy experiment and we saw some good progress.

Then while Grumpy vacuumed the swimming pool, we got to sort the rocks we collected this week into their rock collection boxes.

 Swim time, followed by Popsicles!  Looks like the girls really got into the Popsicles!

 Time for the girls to go home -- we had lots of fun this week.  I tried to get the girls to model their Enchanted Rock shirts, but Joss was just done, so she wasn't having it.  These are supposed to glow in the dark.
Next week -- dinosaurs!

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