Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring Garden Notes - June 6, 2016

Thankfully, the sun has finally returned! Of course, that means its heating up in the garden.  This weekend we pulled up all of the remaining carrots.  I did learn a lesson this year - I planted the carrots on each side of the cucumber trellis, and they grew fine together, but it was too hard to get to the cucumber plants when it was time to harvest, so these had to go.  I'm very pleased with the carrot crop this year -- much more then we've ever had before, a little over 4 pounds total.  I've put several bags in the freezer, and have some to roast fresh.
The peppers are all coming in fast and furious.  The red peppers started turning color last week....
...and we finally picked one this morning!  It was small but just right!  I already used it in tonight's dinner.  Delicious!!
The Rapunzel tomatoes are turning now, and I bring in a handful almost every day.  Hopefully soon I'll have more then we need for fresh eating, and I can start making some salsa.  This morning I pruned all of the tomato plants, brutally! They now have space to allow air to circulate, and the plants love it.
Remember that huge Florida F1 tomato that I picked a few days ago?  We sliced it this weekend -- one slice covered the entire piece of bread.
I shared this picture on Instagram the other day, but I'm putting it here to keep a record for my garden journal.  WAY too many cucumbers this year, but I guess its a good problem to have.  From top to bottom, these are: Muncher, Marketmore, Holland White, and Dragon Egg.  So far we've harvested 34-1/2 pounds of cucumbers. It's been an amazing year.
The Long Ex Snake Melon is finally starting to climb up the fence in the potting garden.  All that rain seems to have done them well.

We've been getting a few blackberries!  I think John's also eaten several right from the bush.  These are from the thornless bush.  The Brazos blackberries have never given me even one berry -- I'm considering digging those all up and trashing them -- three years is plenty of time to prove themselves to us and they are failing!
This morning I spent four hours out in the garden pruning, weeding and picking vegetables.  I'm so over the green beans - we've picked over 25 pounds of beans so far and froze most of that.  I pulled every other bean plant today to cut the numbers (yes, it felt so wrong, but I have to conserve my energy in the next few months and picking beans has moved to the back of the list!) We'll still get some, but just enough for fresh eating now.  Whew!  I'm moving on to other things -- Mimi's summer day camp starts tomorrow. Time for some fun!

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