Sunday, April 24, 2016

T is for Tromboncino Squash

One of my absolute favorite summer squashes, I've been growing Italian Tromboncino squash for many years.  It's just getting started here in this picture, but soon it will grab hold of the wire panel and start growing up the side, up and over the top.  This plant requires a lot of room to spread out or a high support as it can grow up to about 20 feet! I suggest a support as it keeps the fruit up off the ground and they will grow a bit straighter.

I pick these young, usually about 2 foot long, and while they are still a pale green.  If left on the vine they will thicken and grow to a pale beige, but I like them young and tender. I've read that the older squash can be eaten much like any winter squash, baked or stuffed, but we haven't allowed any to get that old. There's a different texture to these squash that is very pleasant, nutty and buttery.  Really, really delicious.  Trust me!

These make a delicious and different addition to the garden - a conversation starter for sure.  Here are a few pictures of my Tromboncino from the past few years so you can see how they progress in the garden.

 just beginning to form
 a bit older
 a few harvested squash
ready to harvest on the vine

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