Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Garden Notes - April 24, 2016

We've got lettuce! I'm using some as micro-greens from the potted garden, and harvesting big leaves from the regular garden already.  This is the Jericho lettuce here. Delicious!

Some of the summer squash are starting to show up, here are some very small Alexandria Squash.
I think there may be more volunteer magenta lamb's quarter plants in the beans then there are actual bean plants. Sigh....  I'll leave a few to grow because the chickens really love lamb's quarter.
We have little peppers, too!
This is the gypsy pepper that I started from seed.  Just getting started!
Today John picked our first snow peas.  Love these!
The winter squash on the Squash House are starting to really grow after our recent rain storms. This one is Sweet Meat.
and these grey mottled leaves are the Japanese Pie Squash.  Very pretty.  I'm waiting for these to start sending out their tendrils and will train them towards the wiring.
Here is the Table Dainty squash, it's already starting to shoot up, and has sent out those tendrils to attach itself.  I use these plastic clips to encourage them to grow the right way.
The cucumbers have been kind of hit and miss this year - I'm really disappointed in the Dragon's Egg seeds - only two plants from the entire packet of seeds.  Pretty sad percentage of germination.  I have planted some Market-More cucumbers in their place, so they will be a few weeks behind the others.
Today I planted the Long Ex Snake Melon plants by the fencing in front of my potting shed garden.  I'm looking forward to seeing how these do.  I ended up with 7 nice plants there.
 The "All Blue" potatoes are looking very healthy.
We've been amazed how big our elderberry plants have gotten this year...whew! We're gonna have plenty of elderberries.
John's vineyard is continuing to look amazing too.  I hope we can keep these growing and not sacrifice too many of them to the birds.  *fingers crossed*

 Sadly we won't be getting very many peaches this year.  Here's one of about 6 that are on our oldest peach tree.  Not going to be a good peach year.
The rhubarb continues to grow -- all three are still alive and doing great.
We had another 1-1/2" of rain this past week, which really helps the garden grow.  I'm just trying to keep up with the weeds now - they like the rain too!

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