Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Juniper

We live in the Texas Hill Country, so of course, we're surrounded by mountain cedar, also known as "Juniper ashei." Our place was covered in the stuff, as is everyone around us.
A trimmed mountain cedar
According to Wikipedia:  Juniperus ashei is a drought-tolerant evergreen tree, native to northeastern Mexico and the south-central United States north to southern Missouri; the largest areas are in central Texas, where extensive stands occur.

We've spent many years cutting down a lot of these trees, and cleaning up the rest of them so that they make a somewhat decent tree.  Almost nothing will grow under these trees, and mostly they are a pain in the neck, especially when they are putting out pollen by the gallons. Cedar fever, they call it and it can make the fall and early winter around her a real challenge.  It's nothing to sneeze about (ha ha ha!) and this article just about sums it up.

An untrimmed mountain cedar

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  1. These trees are beautiful, what a shame that people are cutting them down