Saturday, February 6, 2016

What I'm Reading -- Black Sheep

Several months ago I broke down and got an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.  It made good sense to pay that low monthly fee and get to read as many books as I want each month.  There was plenty of titles listed in their unlimited area for me, and I'm enjoying it very much.

I just finished a book by Georgette Heyer from 1966, Black Sheep.  Yes, it's an older one, but still so much fun to read.  Reading a regency romance, I think we all know how its going to end, but it is absolutely amusing to get there.  I love the true formality of how people used to live -- no first names for these people! Sometimes its a real puzzle to try to understand exactly what they are saying! Here's an example:
"So she was able to greet him, when he descended upon her in the Pump Room, with calm friendliness; and when he presently detached her from her circle, inviting her with his customary lack of finesse, to take a stroll about the Room, in the accepted manner of those who made the Promenade their daily business, she was perfectly willing to walk off with him."
All of that (in one sentence!) to say they were taking a walk.  Ha!

Twenty eight year old Abigail Wendover is past her prime (?!!) and considered an old maid, meets Miles Calverleigh, who has just returned after many years of banishment to India.  Her 17 year old niece is planning to marry his philandering nephew, so they put their heads together to break up this totally inappropriate plan.  Much confusion ensues, and it's all tied up at the end in a nice little bow.  Very satisfying!

I highly recommend -- and I'm going to be looking for another Georgette Heyer to read in the future.

What are you reading? I need recommendations!

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