Monday, February 8, 2016

Going through some old photos again....

I'm trying to make another dent in the pile of photos that I have from Mom and Dad's collection.  I'm going to try to do a few each day to get them scanned. So many of these photos are in bad shape, but I still want to try to capture them if I can.

Mom as a teenager - no date on this one, but I'd say high school.  Look at those curls! She had pretty hair all the way to the end.
 Here's one that is probably from when she was in nursing school in San Antonio at Incarnate Word Nursing School.  Love that flower in her hair!  The original was smudged black on the bottom left corner and it was fairly unfocused, but I love this one.
 This is dad - the photo has "Russell at home on Taft Blvd." on the back.  No date, but I think he looks about 3 or 4 years old here. I remember going to this home many times when we were little.  My grandmother Schwencke was a teacher, and there was a room above their garage with a lot of books.  There was an open lot next to the house, if I remember, and we use to run out there when we were there.
This one says "Helen Schwencke McElvy" 1921 on the back.  My Aunt Helen when she was a baby.  I forgot that she was older then my dad.
The next one is my dad and aunt, playing on a trike of some kind.  Looks like Helen is trying to fix something, because on the back of the photo it says, "About this! Whose the mechanic in the family?"  Herbert and Helen Schwencke
Finally, for today, this is a photo of my Aunt Helen's kids, our cousins, Steve and Kathy McElvy.  On the back is "April 18, 1954  Easter"  They lived in Alabama. so I don't think we saw each other more than 5 or 6 times the whole time we were growing up.  We did go and stay at their home a couple of times, but we haven't stayed in touch. 

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