Monday, February 1, 2016

A Birthday Week Whirlwind!

All of the Koenig girls had a birthday this past week....their birth dates are all exactly two days apart.  No formal parties this year, but we did get together for a family dinner out and a cake celebration at their home afterwards.
First was Colleen, on the 27th!
Colleen and Jeff at Two Step Cantina

Then KT turned 6 on the 29th!
Time to blow out the candles!

And finally Joss was 2 on the 31st!
Give her a box of crayons and a color book and she's happy!

We had a great dinner at Two Step Cantina, complete with a huge Minnie Mouse balloon and light up necklaces!  Then cake at their home afterwards.  It was a very happy evening with some wonderful surprises. More to come on that later.......

Here's a few more pictures from the evening.
 A truly beautiful cake!
Let's bounce on dad!
 Joss shared her Minnie Mouse stickers with her big sister
 A huge 6 balloon!
A huge box of play-dough of every color imaginable!

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