Wednesday, January 20, 2016

And so they are married....

We took a quick trip to Florida this past week to attend the wedding of our niece!  We had a great time, driving both ways.
John's sisters Susan and Cindy did all of the flowers for the tables - beautiful fresh hydrangeas in shades of blue, with babies breath. They were just beautiful.  Susan also did the flowers for the wedding party table.  We spent time on Friday dipping wooden spiral sticks in glue and glitter, and on Saturday morning she got up at 5am to make them. Whew!! They turned out very pretty.
We arrived on Thursday evening, and on Friday we went to the wedding reception hall.
John's sister Cindy, brother Bob, and sister Susan.

 We all helped the family set up all the tables, candles, kitchen and the wedding party table.  They set up an area for dancing and for the DJ.  This really did look pretty when they dimmed the lights.
The dance floor was ringed with these lite towers.

On Saturday while his sisters went back to the hall to finish setting up the cake table with gazebo over it, we went with Colleen and Jeff to take the girls to the beach.  So much fun!

 After that, everyone went home to get ready for the wedding!
Mr. and Mrs. Marcos Acosta and their flower girl and ring bearer.
The Koenigs -- KT and Joss were flower girls (although Joss got a pass just before the wedding because she was sleeping!)
 KT was just beautiful!
 SeaWorld wedding cake (the couple met at SeaWorld where they both worked at Shamu stadium)

 Bob, Adrienne, and Andrea as they walked down the aisle.
 One of the groom's cakes - all chocolate.
 Adrienne's grandmother made some traditional Italian cookies to add to the sweets. These flat cookies are called pizzelles.
 These tasted like licorice, flavored with anise.  They are called anisette cookies.
 Sisters Cindy and Susan with Colleen
Mother of the bride -- just glad it's all over!

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