Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Week begins.....

Today we were honored to have lunch with KT at her Kindergarten Thanksgiving luncheon.  They are off of school all next week, how nice for them!
 Mimi, KT and Grumpy

The cafeteria was all decked out in fall finery - KT had made her own place-mat and headdress.  Her parents were also there!
 Jeff, KT and Colleen
 Someone was happy to see her family!
 KT's headdress -- pretty feathers in her favorite colors

After lunch, KT went back to class and we went off to see a movie.  When I was back home I got a start on my Thanksgiving meal by making the cranberry sauce (two ways).  I made regular whole berry sauce, and Cranberry orange sauce.  I love the smell and colors of cranberries!

 And finally, I tried to recreate a cookie I found on Pinterest the other day.  Sigh.  Let me just say, they make it look so easy, but nothing is really that easy.  Ha!  They probably taste good, though.

How's your Thanksgiving planning going?

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