Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Garden Notes, November 9, 2015

We're swimming in peppers this year -- I can't explain it.  Most years we get a handful or a bit more, usually enough to put up a couple of jars of jalapeno rings and have green peppers for the summer, but this year has been truly amazing.
Today I froze green pepper rings on cookie sheets lined with wax paper, and in the morning I'll transfer those to bags for the freezer.  I have three cookie sheets of these in the freezer right now.  I'm predicting these will be used for fajitas in the next few months. (Yum!)

The jalapenos we also processed today, John helped me cut them into rings. Another 6 jars today, for a total of 22 jars of jalapeno rings this year.  I may not need to grow but one plant next spring -- it's going to take a while to use this many. Whew!
It's funny, when I first start canning in the spring, I'm always looking for cute labels and stickers to make my jars pretty, but by the end of the crop, it's all I can do to write the date on the top of the jar.  Serviceable, but not pretty. Ha!
I still have a few smallish poblano peppers that I think we will be using for Stuffed Poblanos this week.  This recipe looks pretty good!
Not a freeze in sight yet, but the nights have been dipping into the high 40s here within the last few weeks.  The peppers don't look like they're gonna stop any time soon.... Sigh....

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