Monday, October 12, 2015

San Antonio Zoo!

Saturday we visited the San Antonio Zoo with the girls and their Uncle JR and Aunt Ashley.  We had the BEST time! It was really a joy to watch Joss experience these animals now that she's old enough.
I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but here are a few of the ones I did manage to get.
 Here we are waiting in the front for Uncle JR and Aunt Ashley to arrive!
 KT is a ham bone lately....
 and this one is not far behind!

 KT and Uncle JR 
 Not sure Joss was diggin' the snakes
 Joss's face when she saw the elephant for the first time.  She was amazed!
 She did pet the ferret, but just barely....
 We road the carousel - KT road the turtle and Joss was on a tiger!  She was so funny when we got off --- she had a fit and wanted to go back on!  She loved it.
 Joss in a staring contest with a big jaguar! (good thing there was a glass between them)
 Watching some turtles swim in the snake house
 Aunt Ashley took this photo -- the BEST PICTURE EVER!!!  Joss thought she was looking at some pretty fish until this hippo started moving and turned to look at her.  She was AMAZED!
Grumpy, did you see this!?!!!!!

After the zoo we had lunch with JR and Ashley at Tycoon Flats.  Good burgers and they were very kid friendly!  A successful trip - both girls fell flat asleep on the way home, t i r e d!!

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