Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Garden Notes, October 22, 2015

I know I've not posted much about the garden lately, but that doesn't mean nothings happening there.  I've been busy replanting the main garden after the rabbit disaster, and having the fence has really helped there so much.

We decided to leave the pepper plants from the spring garden, and I had cut them all back about 1/3 way back before we went on vacation, and they have roared back with a vengeance.  We have had the best pepper crop this year.  Mostly jalapenos, but also green peppers and some anchos.  Just loaded.  These will, of course, be gone at the first frost, but until then it's nice to still be getting fruit from these.

As I was working in the other beds, Sydney spent the entire time laying in the shade of the peppers.
Not a lot to see here yet, but everything is planted and starting to come up.  There's White Carrots, Morris Heading Collards, assorted Kales, and Amsterdam Spinach.  I'm seeing little sprouts coming up all in here.
On the other side I've got assorted Swiss Chards and Egyptian beets.
These are a small assortment of broccoli and cauliflower, and a few Utah Tall celery plants.  These are the few seedlings that survived the rabbits so they have a bit of a head start.
And finally there is a small bed of several types of lettuce and some radicchio.  They've all started to sprout.

This week I've been starting several types of greens and a few tomatoes in the greenhouse.  These are all seedlings that I started back in September.  There are two of these Sleeping Lady tomatoes, and one Large Red Cherry plant that's a bit smaller now, but should catch up soon.
 Here on the counter I'm growing two types of chicory (Whitloof and Verona Red), Dwarf Pak Choy, several types of lettuce (Red Romaine, Crisphead, Lolla Rosa and Little Gem),  Dwarf Siberian Kale,  Scarlet Kale, Giant Noble Spinach, two types of radicchio (Variegatta di Chiogga and Rosa di Treviso).  Just a little bit of each for salads and such.  I'll probably add a second tray or two of each in a month or so to keep the greens coming in all fall.

Some of these have already starting sprouting!

I found Turk (our female turkey) about to enter the greenhouse today -- I could see her eyeing some of those tender little greens.  Good thing I was there to shoo her out.  I'm going to have to block her entrance into the greenhouse when she's out roaming.  Whew!

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