Monday, October 19, 2015

Beauty & the Beast

Sunday we (Colleen, Ashley and I) took KT to see Beauty & the Beast at the Majestic Theater!  This was the Disney version, and it was really good, although I thought it was a little too long and with too many musical numbers for the attention span of a 5 year old.
In any case, it was fun just being with all of my girls.  Jossie got to go golfing with her dad, Uncle JR and Grumpy, so she had some fun, too!
I guess there's not supposed to be any photography during a Disney production (pshawww!!!) but we did manage to take a few shots while we were there.
 KT and I out in the lobby....
 Selfie time!!!
 KT waiting in her seat before the show...
 Colleen and Ashley tried the signature drink for the show.  It was called the Enchanted Rose.  Looks like they enjoyed it!
Colleen took this pic of the Majestic ceiling.  It's so pretty in there.

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