Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The horrible, bad, no good, very bad evening....

that I discovered I had lost my phone.  Not just any phone, but my newish, cutting-edge, "I was so excited to get it" iPhone 6.
I don't remember doing it, but I must have put it on the hood of the car when we were visiting a historical site in Wyoming, and when we drove off it fell off the car.  I didn't miss it until later that evening, so it was dark already.  John and John H. even drove over there to see if I had left it on a rock while I was sitting there, but they didn't see anything.
My John drove back over in the morning when it was light, and he found it on the road right outside of there. Here's what it looked like....it had been crushed, probably several times. Good grief!
Thankfully, when we drove to the Verizon store in Sheridan, I discovered that I had indeed purchased insurance on my phone (thank you, God!!) so by the time we got home, the new phone was waiting for me.  I'm back in business now, but I can tell you, cell phone addiction is a REAL thing.  I didn't realize how often I got that thing out to use if for photos, Instagram, or whatever.
I may need therapy.

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