Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Seven - Australia Week

This week we're learning all about Australia! We took our field trip this week to the San Antonio Zoo to find what Australian animals they might have.
KT made a bee-line to the aquarium to look for sharks -- these fish are her current passion.  Mimi does NOT see the appeal, but there are plenty of sharks in Australia, so it was a-okay!
Next we toured the butterfly collection.  So many beautiful butterflies.....
We did make a list of possible Australian animals that the zoo may have, and I think we found about half of them.  KT was checking them off as we went.
Did you know that Lorikeets are from Australia?  KT really enjoyed feeding them nectar.  They look like parrots, some had blue heads and some had green heads.
We found some emus...
....and kangaroos, of course!
Next it was a ride on the carousel -- KT chose the dolphin.  We couldn't find a kangaroo or a koala.
KT chose a leopard shark as her Australian memento from the zoo.  We looked them up -- they are one of the more gentle sharks.
After we got home, it was time for lunch (that's tucker, in Australian!)  We watched the Koala Kid on Netflix -- cute movie!
There was still time for a swim ---
....and to wrestle with the Australian Red Heeler!
All in all, a great start to a fun week in Australia.

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